Spotlights on Literature

This new addition of the library blog will begin to choose texts and resources that may not be familiar to you, but will definitely be useful.

Since April is Poetry Month, in the Upper School Library at The American School Foundation, we have a tries of volumes by Frank N Magill titled, “Critical Survey of Poetry“, alphabetical and listing detailed bios and contributions of poets.  This is very exacting and specific, representing many genres of poets from various countries.  Yes, it can be argued this text and information can be found online, yet, in a series like this in print, it is amazing to get ideas for poetry projects seeing a compilation so complete and in one location. It can be argued these only go up to a specific date, yet, I would also argue that electronic resources can be supplemented to pick up where this set leaves off.  This set, references critical aspects of poetry, is essential and an amazing companion to what individuals can use as a poetry unit, and more, within their curriculum.

The second text found in the reference room of our library is a text titled, The Teachers & Writers Handbook of Poetic Forms, edited by Ron Padgett.    Within this text, an appendix of other forms not covered but that do include other forms of poetry, as well as an appendix of authors cited, and finally a bibliography of terms and texts that reference these styles is included.  This is thorough and a must to help  explain and entice students into poetry that might be afraid and uneasy about this form.  “Hail Muse! et cetera.” by Byron at the beginning of this text says it all!    Great resources to create some excitement in poetry for April!

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