Classroom Tools that lend themselves to Creativity!


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Technology and its role in the Library



Civics-oriented programs for Government.


Using the Idea of Mindfulness in the Classroom (click on this link!)

Try it here:   UCLA Health


Free, Copyright-clear images, video, and audio!

Moving Image Archive

Public Domain Review

Creative Commons Music

Sounds!  – Try here! (Sound Gator)


Public Domain Pictures Pixabay 

WikiMedia Commons


As well as some standard sites for video/picture tools:





50+ Tools that involve Social Media!  


Collaborative Learning Tools


More Collaborative Connection Resources!


Global Resources


The below item come from October 2014’s School Library Journal!

CountDown Timer

Awesome way to have simultaneous timers working at the same time, for multiple groups, etc..

– Also using Google, type in “Set Timer” with the time desired.


Measuring the Noise in your Class!

Too Noisy is a GREAT App!  and can be used with an iPad app to show the appropriate volume in the class.  The Pro version costs $2.00 and has some added features, but the free app is quite great!


Random Name Selector 

Easy to use, just type in names, or copy names, and hit go!  a timer can be launched once a name is picked as well!


Below, the following tools have been from the June 2014 issue:


Namez – This allows a library of names to be recorded for pronunciations, this can be added to email signatures too!

Canva – A designer to add visual effects to emails, letters or welcoming blogs!

Adobe Voice – The ability to add pictures, voice, create a story with images as you go along!  More than 25,000 images to do so, and allows a new style of a rough draft!

Pixiclip – Creating, sharing, and narrating drawings, you can even record yourself talking too

Narrable – The ability to collect stories from parents and students.  Pictures can be uploaded, a story narrated for each image.  A classroom account is free for 60 days!  These also can be shared via Facebook, email, and embedded in a blog!






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