‘The Art of Secrets’ and a look into the future of Librarians…

I love this questions and answer part of this interview with author James Klise.

“SIMON: Do the youngsters at the library of the school where you’re a librarian on the north side know of your secret life as an author? (Laughter) I guess it’s not so secret now, is it?

KLISE: It’s not a secret, but I think most of the students at my school still see me as the person who helps them find sources for research and can dependably clear a paper jam in the copier.

SIMON: Let me ask you a librarian question. Will pressure grow for high schools to get rid of libraries when the time’s coming that, you know, students can walk around with a tablet that can store more books than most libraries can hold?

KLISE: You know, that seems to be the conventional wisdom. That’s not been my experience at my school. My students are still devoted to books on paper. I don’t see any of them with tablets. But I think that students still enjoy seeing a book, seeing the cover, flipping to the back and seeing what it’s about and taking it out. I’m lucky to have a well-funded library. We don’t have the money for a football team, but we do have money for a library. And that makes me kind of happy.”

LOVE.  His book seems to be so worth checking out!




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