Accounting 101 meet Media Center 102…

In coming across the article by Dianne about the Annual Report, I realized how those old days of my dreams of becoming an accountant have been reborn in another form, the Library media Center.  The introduction of Evidence Based Research, coming from Medical and Business organizations and filtering to Libraries simply makes sense.  Some of the annual reports that I have seen the last few days are not those long, boring sheets that you envision at the end of a organization’s fiscal year, nor should they be.  I see the magazine-style format of the exciting things taking place in libraries across the world, students being in tune with 21st Century Skills, activities that want you to go visit that particular library during it’s busiest and loudest moments and say, “Yes, done are the days of “SSSShhhh” and here are the days of “Busy Busy Busy!””  I am excited about the fact that an Annual report can in fact give you that first visual snapshot of a library, and so it well.  This should be the purpose of an Annual Report, to show and represent the highlights of a library – and appealing to the audiences of number crunchers, students, visually enhanced, and interactive at every step.  This is the new Annual Report that allows the Library to stand on it’s own and boast about how amazingly involved and supportive this area is, on all disciplines, all teachers of curriculum.

Another aspect I am a crazy fiend for, ever since that World Lit Class at Slippery Rock, is to connect individuals from around the world.  Did I think an annual report could do that?  No, but wow, it can!  AMAZING!

I am not going to say this is going to be the easiest collection to create yet, with an opportunity to show how the Media Center reaches every single aspect of curriculum, and is a vital part of the system to enhance student learning all day, one truly cannot afford not to offer this piece of end of the year celebration amid a year of budgeting, financial reductions, and justifications for spending.


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